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Paint Job: Jedi Pouches

I had a customer contact me about some jedi pouches he bought online. They were very inexpensive, and the paint job was not screen accurate. He asked if I could repaint the pouches to look more like they are from the movies, so I tried my hand at it.

Here they are as I received them. You can see the original finish is quite plain. The backs of the pouches were damaged from th screws that held the belt clips in place, so my first step was to repair the pouches so they wouldn’t fall apart.

Original finish
Originals: back view


After they were repaired with some E6000 glue, I went to paint them with acrylics. Unfortunately, the original finish was water resistant and the paint wouldn’t stick. So, I had to remove the original finish entirely with 200 grit sandpaper. After I removed the original paint, I covered the pouches in a new base coat of brown.

In the next pic, you can see that I started the detail paints on the left piece, and only had the new brown basecoat on the right pouch.


And finally, I gave the right pouch additional detail and painted the clasp button the worn brass/gold color you see on the screen used props.


As a last good measure, I sprayed them with acrylic sealer, and off they go to the customer!