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Only One Way (Noir) – 24 Hr Film Fest 2014

“Only One Way” is a short film produced for the Columbia Access Television 24 hour film fest 2014 in Columbia MO. This year’s requirements were the genre Film Noir, a house plant, and the line “They were only three days from retirement”.

Out of 11 teams, we unfortunately did not place in the contest. However, we enjoyed producing this Noir short film in less than 24 hours.

Director – Ben Watkins
Cinematographer – Dustin Hawkins
Story by – Joe Myers

Retiree – Mitch Shineman
Rookie – Ben Watkins
Bartender – Joe Myers
Dame – Amber Shineman

Music Selection – “On the Cool Side” and “Night on the Docks (Sax)” by Kevin Macleod, CC

3 thoughts on “Only One Way (Noir) – 24 Hr Film Fest 2014

  1. Wow, impressive. Where was it filmed?

    1. Thank you so much! We filmed at the “Vault”, a bar in the bottom floor of the Tiger Hotel in Columbia MO. The outdoor flashback was done in Alley A in Columbia MO.

      1. I have always thought that this area had a lot of great areas for filming. Undiscovered jewels.

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