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Oversized Steampunk Wrench Prop

These oversized wrenches are lighter than they look. Constructed from EVA foam with a PVC core, these wrenches can take a beating and still look awesome. Coated in a liquid rubber for durability, and a final clearcoat to seal.

Model 367, Silver Finish
Model Z2 Wrench
Model Z2 Wrench, Antique silver finish
Model S63 Wrench
Model S63 Wrench, antique silver finish
Model 421 wrench
Model 421 Wrench, antique copper finish

Wrenches come in premade designs by me, or you can submite your own custom design for me to make. Contact us for pricing. Choice of finish: Silver, Gold, or Copper. 

Giant wrench 6ft
Giant 70 inch Wrench
15 inch wrenches, laser etched.
15 inch wrenches, laser etched.

4 thoughts on “Oversized Steampunk Wrench Prop

  1. I am interested in purchasing a standard 30″ wrench in antique silver, with the possibility of buying an additional 6-8. We would use them as a prop in a show, and I would like to see how durable and how easy to maneuver they are. Will you please let me know how quickly I can acquire one?

    1. Hey Heather!
      I saw your message on my Etsy store. I’ll be replying there. Thanks for the interest!

  2. Can you please give me pricing for a giant 70 inch wrench similar to the one being held in the picture posted above?

    1. Leigh,

      The 70″ wrenches can’t be shipped in the mail, so we have to make them so that they split in half and can be reassembled. They start at $180. If you are interested, send an email to

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