For the most recent convention we attended, I created some DREDD replicas and a custom helmet to take with us.

Dredd Helmet (Steampunk Style): Not Available

Steampunk style Dredd helmet - EVA foam
Steampunk style Dredd helmet – EVA foam

The helmet was made from JF Custom’s foam pattern files, but the files were modified to be cut on a laser. The EVA foam was cut on a laser and then assembled. I tried using a new sealant, and it left a weird texture on the surface of the foam. Not wanting to throw away the piece and knowing I couldn’t make a replica prop, I chose to paint the helmet in a steampunk antique style for artistic effect. I quote individual prices for helmets, because of individual tastes and fit.

Lawgiver Mk II (2012 version): $50

Lawgiver Mk II, EVA foam and acrylic
Lawgiver Mk II, EVA foam and acrylic

I built the patterns for this Lawgiver with Illustrator, building it up layer by layer. I cut the individual layer pieces on the laser in EVA foam, 1/2″ and 3mm. Some additional carving was done for the grip area, then sealed and painted. It is extremely lightweight, and easy to carry all day at a convention. This version is heavily weathered, but other pieces can be customized to specification.

DREDD Badge (replica): $25

DREDD Badge made of ABS plastic, primed and painted. Magnets on back for attachment.
DREDD Badge made of ABS plastic, primed and painted. Magnets on back for attachment.

I created a pattern for the DREDD badge from the 2012 movie in Illustrator, building it up in 3 layers. The parts were cut on a laser from ABS, a high impact plastic that will not break or chip when dropped. They were then assembled, primed, and painted. I epoxied magnets to the back of the badge for easy temporary attachment, but the back is left unpainted in case the client would like to attach it permanently. I can customize for different names for an additional art setup fee of $10.

1 thought on “DREDD Props: Custom and Replica

  1. Hello, I would like to purchase a foam Lawgiver. The Lawgiver I was originally using was cast from solid resin, and is much too heavy for my holster, plus several parts have fallen off. Please let me know what I have to do. Thank you.

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