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Comedy Short – Bathrobe Ninjas: Hidden Ex

Two drunk guys, imagining themselves as ninjas, go on a quest to spy on an ex-girlfriend.Bathrobe Ninjas was created for the 100 Hour Film Race 2015. We went over the 100 hours by a little, but we were awarded the Top Late Film of 2015!

Starring Larry Collins, Mitch Shineman, and Kat Buxman, the film follows two friends (Larry and Mitch) that get drunk and decide to spy on an old ex-girlfriend (Kat). Things get crazy when their imagination takes over and they become ninjas on a quest, seeing everyone in their path as a potential foe that needs to be defeated.



The film also features David Buxman, Billy Phillipe, Brandon Fague, Bob Anderson, Cristin Thompson-Watkins, Marcy Holub, Jashin Lin, and Amber Shineman. David Buxman, Larry Collins, Cristin Thompson-Watkins, and Brandon Fague provided foley work and additional voices.

The film was written by the whole production group, directed and effects by Ben Watkins, film shot by Dustin Hawkins of Retrohawk Productions, and edited by Jashin Lin.

We were inspired by our film, and are planning future installments of Bathrobe Ninjas. Please vote “Funny” on below to support us and our filmmaking!

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