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Ghost Dudes – Season 2 Trailer

They’re back, and ready to kick some spiritual ass!

Their first season was pretty rough, but a new producer has come in to save the Ghost Dudes show and put them back on top! Coming this spring the Ghost Dudes are back and ready to kick some spiritual ass! Join Chad (he’s fit), Bunni (she’s beautiful), and Cass (he’s a nerd) as they investigate the scariest places on earth! Oh, and there’s also Dave the grip and the intern, but they’re not important.

Ghost Dudes is a parody or spoof of other Ghost Hunting shows, like Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures. The show follows a new videographer, Phil, as he meets the Ghost Dudes crew and how their show operates. Not everything is as it seems, however, as the sun goes down and the filming begins.

Ghost Dudes will have some unique twists planned that will keep everyone on their toes and show our individual style. We hope you enjoy this promo that we have put together that spoofs a commercial for a ghost hunting tv show.

Chad – Mitch Shineman
Bunni – Amber Shineman
Cass – Rodney Hussman
Dave – David Buxman
Intern – Brandon Fague

Directed by Ben Watkins
Written by cast and crew of Brass Engine Productions

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