About Us

Game Design/publishing

tabletop, card, and board games


One part of Brass Engine’s creative mission is to design and publish fun, engaging tabletop games that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. From simple card games to complex board games and full fledged RPGs, Brass Engine wants to bring endless fun and entertainment to gaming groups of any skill and interest level.

Teaming up with artists, graphic designers, play-testers, and manufacturers, Brass Engine creates an atmosphere of creativity and success with each game project. The company also owns its own 3D printing technology solutions, as well as laser engraving and cutting, so many of the prototype components are made in-house. 

Handmade Products

Jewelry, leather, laser etching

Founders Ben Watkins and Cristin Thompson-Watkins are creative people at heart. They love to make things by hand, taking the time and care to make each piece unique. From leather bound sketchbooks to hand sculpted creature eye pendants, Ben and Cristin make a variety of items you are sure to enjoy.

Ben and Cristin create Brass Engine’s handmade products from their home studio and workshop. They own a laser engraver/cutter and can customize many of their handmade items to suit your individual needs.

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The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On


Founder Ben Watkins knows he wouldn’t get a fraction of the things done he wants to if it wasn’t for his awesome crew. His wife, Cristin Thompson-Watkins heads up the Etsy store and handles the sale of most of their handmade products. David Buxman is a game designer and assistant art director for the tabletop games. Larry Collins is a wonderful actor and a prop maker for films and other creative projects. Danny Kupferer is a screenwriter, musician, and a game designer.

Brass Engine wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for our highly-skilled team of artists and creatives. From game design to filmmaking, the Brass Engine team can create just about anything.