For the most recent convention we attended, I created some DREDD replicas and a custom helmet to take with us.

Dredd Helmet (Steampunk Style): Not Available

Steampunk style Dredd helmet - EVA foam
Steampunk style Dredd helmet – EVA foam

The helmet was made from JF Custom’s foam pattern files, but the files were modified to be cut on a laser. The EVA foam was cut on a laser and then assembled. I tried using a new sealant, and it left a weird texture on the surface of the foam. Not wanting to throw away the piece and knowing I couldn’t make a replica prop, I chose to paint the helmet in a steampunk antique style for artistic effect. I quote individual prices for helmets, because of individual tastes and fit.

Lawgiver Mk II (2012 version): $50

Lawgiver Mk II, EVA foam and acrylic
Lawgiver Mk II, EVA foam and acrylic

I built the patterns for this Lawgiver with Illustrator, building it up layer by layer. I cut the individual layer pieces on the laser in EVA foam, 1/2″ and 3mm. Some additional carving was done for the grip area, then sealed and painted. It is extremely lightweight, and easy to carry all day at a convention. This version is heavily weathered, but other pieces can be customized to specification.

DREDD Badge (replica): $25

DREDD Badge made of ABS plastic, primed and painted. Magnets on back for attachment.
DREDD Badge made of ABS plastic, primed and painted. Magnets on back for attachment.

I created a pattern for the DREDD badge from the 2012 movie in Illustrator, building it up in 3 layers. The parts were cut on a laser from ABS, a high impact plastic that will not break or chip when dropped. They were then assembled, primed, and painted. I epoxied magnets to the back of the badge for easy temporary attachment, but the back is left unpainted in case the client would like to attach it permanently. I can customize for different names for an additional art setup fee of $10.

These oversized wrenches are lighter than they look. Constructed from EVA foam with a PVC core, these wrenches can take a beating and still look awesome. Coated in a liquid rubber for durability, and a final clearcoat to seal.

Model 367, Silver Finish
Model Z2 Wrench
Model Z2 Wrench, Antique silver finish
Model S63 Wrench
Model S63 Wrench, antique silver finish
Model 421 wrench
Model 421 Wrench, antique copper finish

Wrenches come in premade designs by me, or you can submite your own custom design for me to make. Contact us for pricing. Choice of finish: Silver, Gold, or Copper. 

Giant wrench 6ft
Giant 70 inch Wrench
15 inch wrenches, laser etched.
15 inch wrenches, laser etched.

“Only One Way” is a short film produced for the Columbia Access Television 24 hour film fest 2014 in Columbia MO. This year’s requirements were the genre Film Noir, a house plant, and the line “They were only three days from retirement”.

Out of 11 teams, we unfortunately did not place in the contest. However, we enjoyed producing this Noir short film in less than 24 hours.

Director – Ben Watkins
Cinematographer – Dustin Hawkins
Story by – Joe Myers

Retiree – Mitch Shineman
Rookie – Ben Watkins
Bartender – Joe Myers
Dame – Amber Shineman

Music Selection – “On the Cool Side” and “Night on the Docks (Sax)” by Kevin Macleod, CC