Materia is a rummy-like card game with a beautiful Alchemy theme. Players compete to get the most points and complete the Great Work. Each hand, players will be given different ‘transmutations’, card combos like runs and sets, and try to manage their hand of card to match the transmutation and earn points.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter August 2017

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Thief’s Hoard is a backstabbing card game for aspiring thieves. Thieves compete to be the first to collect $10,000 worth of artifacts in their personal hoard. The game uses bidding, ‘take-that’ cards, and bluffing. Card play creates a fun chaotic atmosphere of treachery and temporary alliances.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter August 2018

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Crew for Hire is a fully fledged Steampunk adventure board game, based on the Steamworks and Shadows universe. Players take on the role of an airship Captain, collecting crew and flying around the world to earn the highest Reputation. Captains can complete missions, pirate other vessels, and search for the rare aether crystals. What type of captain will you be? 

Currently available for demos and appearing at gaming conventions for playtests.

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