Thief’s Hoard: Outbid. Outsmart. Outthieve.

Thief’s Hoard is a party card game for 2-8 players and takes 15 minutes per player to play. Players try to amass a hoard of artifacts worth $10,000 and keep them until the end of a round. During a round, all players will be engaged in secret bids to steal artifacts from the museum, as well as playing cards to steal from opponents. However, the Pinkertons are watching, and will arrest Thieves that get too greedy too quickly!  

Every Artifact has a different monetary value, as well as how much Prestige it gives you, and how much Heat you get for stealing it. Thief cards can be used to help you gain new artifacts, as well as setback your opponents. It’s hard to see who could win, as every round brings new cards and combinations that turn someone who is falling behind to being in the lead.

Thief’s Hoard has more than three years of development behind it, including hundreds of playtests, with all types of gamers and non-gamers at conventions and other venues.


Base Game
Expansion 1: Thieves and Artifacts
Expansion 2: Thieving Equipment
Expansion 3: Even More Artifacts
Base Game
  • 1 Lead Thief Card
  • 8 Alias Cards
  • 8 Round Reminder cards
  • 8 Heat Score Cards
  • 40 Museum Cards (35 unique artifacts and 5 Pinkertons cards)
  • 72 Thief Cards (made up of 29 unique cards that have different effects)
  • 84 Prestige cards (denomination values 1, 5, or 10)
  • Instruction Sheet
Expansion 1: Thieves and Artifacts

Thief Action Cards

Papal Indulgence

Drop it!

Bait and Switch!

That belongs in a Museum!

Nothing is Beyond my Ability to Change

Alias Cards

Zah Ta’Lik



Trident of Proteus

Fertility Idol

Sankara Stones

The Grail

Ark of the Covenant

Odin’s Eye

Grimoire of Secrets

Phoenix Amulet

Stone Gargoyle

Expansion 2: Thieving Equipment
  • Grappling Hook
  • Cutting Torch
  • Extra Alias
  • Pinkerton Badge
  • Pawn Slip
  • Document Forger
  • Blinding Powder
  • Soft Sole Boots
  • Lock Pick Set
  • Museum Map
  • Rules Card
Expansion 3: Even More Artifacts


  • Monkey King's Staff
  • Cintimani Stone
  • Spear of Destiny
  • Zeus's Lightning
  • Leviathan Hide
  • Fenrir Fur
  • Stuffed Chupacabra
  • Mermaid Tail
  • Edison's Journal
  • Michaelangelo's Brush
  • Washington's Teeth
  • Antikythera Device
  • Hound Amulet
  • Shining Trapazohedron
  • Necronomicon
  • Cthulhu Idol

Thief Cards

  • Potion of Transformation
  • Dark Offerings
  • Conspiracy Theory
  • Gift of Foresight