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Materia Outtakes From the Video’s Outro

Materia’s Creative Minds Provide a Sample From Behind the scenes



If you go back and watch the original Materia Kickstarter video, the outro gives you a sense of synchronicity and precision.   Some people might assume that our projects come to fruition after the first couple of tries.  How could they not with two professional fellows like this?


The truth is we work hard  to live up to our professional personas.  However, we strive to have fun in everything we create.  That’s why we created the video below.  Even though the original clip is less than 30 seconds long, we had to commit nearly 2 hours of our time just to get it filmed.  We’re obviously tripping over words and making adjustments to the script on the fly.  What you can’t see are the technical difficulties like the camera deciding to stop filming or a mic not cooperating  with a phone.   With most challenges there are going to be obstacles that test the limits of your frustration.  That’s why achieving your goals provides such a  sense of satisfaction.   Take it from us.  You’ve got to keep trying until you are happy with the results.

Thanks for making it through my After School Special moment.  Here’s a little backstory on how the Materia Outtakes came to be.   Recently Ben was gracious enough to teach me some of the basics in video editing.   I chose to practice on Materia footage because it was still recent and there was plenty to work with.  After a lot of time going back and forth from viewing, reviewing and splicing my favorite highlights together, I showed Ben the rough draft.  He was obviously pretty impressed with his teaching skills because once he added some music and polished the rough edged, we had ourselves an outtakes video.  

So hopefully you enjoy watching the Materia outtakes video as much as we enjoyed making it.  I’m sure you will.  I mean, whose favorite special feature is anything but the outtakes?